nail files and buffers are only used once
cuticle care


cleanroom with medical grade autoclave
nail file


proprietary technology to minimize dust in the air.


our story

Almond is the nation's premier nail salon. Our mission is simple, to give our customers the best nail salon experience possible. The idea was natural, and today we can offer our customers professional services, a clean and fun nail salon experience without harmful chemicals.


Almond Nail Bar has developed a unique system to train our staff and proprietary technology to keep our salons impeccably clean and dust free. We currently have 5 locations in Winnipeg and many more opening. We have changed how the nail salon experience should be. 



At Almond Nail Bar, we aren't just clean. We're nuts about clean. We're super serious about the cleanliness and sterilization of our nail bar and tools because we genuinely care about the health and safety of our guests. That's why we go above and beyond industry standards and exceed regulations to guarantee a clean, fresh, comfortable experience for all our customers. And we believe this principle should just be the standards.


What really makes Almond extra clean and environmentally friendly?

● We have a thorough cleaning process for all stainless-steel tools. We wash them with soap and hot water and use a medical-grade autoclave for chemical-free sterilization.

● We only use files, buffers and orangewood sticks once. They're yours to keep, or we toss 'em. And when available, we recycle them. But we NEVER reuse them.

● We use stainless steel basins for foot soaks—with no jets or pipes to trap harmful bacteria. We sanitize them between guests. We use cleaners that exceed industry disinfectant standards, yet eliminate harsh chemicals that aren't good for you or our water supply. And because we don't need plastic liners to provide sanitary foot care, we're not sending tons of those to landfills.

● We don't offer acrylic nails. We don't want you, our employees or our fresh air to be exposed to the resins and formaldehyde found in acrylics.

● We developed a revolutionary vacuum technology that fits right into our manicure table. So you will never have to inhale in the clouds of nail dust.

"Excellent spa pedicure. My first visit, will definately be back. Nice atmosphere. Comfy seats. Prompt service. Very clean and the instruments are sterilized in individual packages."

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—  Christine, Winnipeg